Friday, March 23, 2012

female Barcelona protester lies naked on plate of food

Animal rights activists in Spain hit on a novel way to get people to digest the idea of turning their back on meat consumption.
Judging from the reaction they got in the centre of Barcelona, it would seem they certainly gave onlookers food for thought.
Unveiling a giant plate of human flesh in the middle of a busy marketplace, Spanish pressure group AnimaNaturalis served up their latest animal cruelty campaign on a platter.

Braving the elements and chilly temperatures, an activist stripped off to lie naked on a plate - accompanied by various side dishes and simulated blood - to raise awareness among the city's meat-eaters.

She was joined by fellow protesters who held up a banner denouncing the consumption of meat.
The innovative piece of political performance art was accompanied with a banner which read: 'How much cruelty can you swallow?'
The protest is thought to be the first of its kind in Spain and will also take place in Valencia and Palma de Mallorca.

Aida Gaston, director of the Spanish pressure group AnimaNaturalis, said: '[The performance] begins our campaign to sensitise people not to eat meat.

'Every year we do a Christmas campaign because it assumes that people are more sensitive and think about the animals.'
Campaign co-ordinator Alba Mangado added: 'The cruelty is only one species does not understand, does not discriminate between human animals and non-human animals.
'Today, the consumption of meat is a habit that can be disposed of perfectly.'
According to figures released by AnimaNaturalis, the meat industry results in the death of 50 billion animals killed for food each year - and many of these days occur at Christmas.
The international organisation, which was founded in 2003 and has a presence in Spain and Latin American countries, says it is dedicated to 'establish, disseminate and protect' the rights of animals.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Where to have fun in Angeles City?

Good question very easy to answer .. look at the map - then click on the map to see the full size of Fields Avenue - that is the street where fun is at home ... think logic - later you may be tired - hence instead of starting right out the door of our hotel - go to one end of fields Avenue and start house by house on one side - and when you reach the end of Fields Avenue switch sides and return on the other side.

Before you start to enjoy fun - of course you need a place to put your bag, suitcase or whatever ... and later while having fun you need the very same place again to enjoy fun and refuel your energy for even more fun next day ... Hotel Swiss Chalet is your choice - because Hotel Swiss Chalet is in the heart of Ageles city Fun - just steps away from Fields Avenue and all colorful fun places ... fun smiles, fun here in the Philippines has legs - sexy legs and smiling eyes ... unless you are OLD and just waiting for your funeral to arrive - may be you first think to START to live and start to have fun and enjoy love life in Angeles.

Some places open around 10 AM and many close at 02 AM to 04 AM - others however have 24 hrs open. hence fun never starts nor ends - fun is when you have it and enjoy it - any time any place in Angeles city.

Most likely you never reach the end of Fields avenue but end up in the arms of a sweet Asian beauty ... i remember my VERY first visit in a bar - in another country in Asia and thus another city ... and I was VERY young - many decades ago.
the VERY first girl I met in the very first bar i married weeks later...

Beware of girls making you lose your head and heart ... sweetness of Asian girls may be more powerful than a bottle of Rum to a pirate. But while a bottle of Rum may last only a few minutes or hours for a real pirate - a fun girl may last eternally or at least an entire life time on earth.

Be prepared for your fun tour in the Philippines - read some or better all the secrets of love to keep your one heart in one peace strong enough to have fun all life.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Naked maids in South Africa

The 1-month-old company was founded by Jean-Paul Reid, who couldn’t find a decent job as an accountant. Their website is quite interesting, with pictures of the ‘Gorgeous Staff’ and ‘Tempting Services’ that include semi-naked and naked cleaners, lawyers, accountants, computer geeks and handy men. They even let clients customize their own nude service where they can provide their own entertainment request for an hour. The only thing the company does not condone is prostitution, which is a point stressed by Reid. The aim of Natural Cleaning Co. is purely to provide entertainment, he says.

Maids who buff in the buff and plumbers who strip off more than just the grime in your pipes -- these are the services on offer at a new South African company.Natural Cleaning Co., which bills itself as "the world's only all-naked service company," was founded a month ago by Jean-Paul Reid after he struggled to find work as an accountant in a country with a 23.9 percent unemployment rate.

The company offers housekeeping, accounting, legal, computing and other services, with a twist -- staff show up either topless or fully nude, depending on the client's request.

"Cleaning is the popular one, and then handyman services for the ladies," Reid, 29, told AFP.

He said he currently gets about one client per day, typically white middle-aged men.

His employees, who are featured in various work for him part-time and have day jobs ranging from model to personal trainer to law student to accountant.

The service is "purely entertainment", Reid stressed, saying: "We don't offer prostitution or anything like that."

The company's website,, features a svelte shirtless man thrusting a vacuum across a rug, a slender young woman ironing in nothing but socks, a nude chef with a tastefully placed salad bowl, and a host of other naked services available in the country's four largest cities.

Prices range from 175 rand ($23, 17 euros) per hour for "semi-naked services" to 450 rand for professionals like lawyers, accountants and plumbers.

Hiring people to strip at a bachelor’s party has been a long-standing and extremely popular tradition. That’s why this South-African company wants to take it one step, or rather several steps further. Natural Cleaning Co. is “the world’s only all-naked service company.” With a description like that, I’m pretty darn sure they’re never going out of business.

For now, he says he gets about one customer a day, mostly middle-aged white men. The more popular services are cleaning for the men, and handy men services for the ladies. Reid’s employees are mostly part-time; he takes about 20% of the fee and lets them keep the rest. As innovative as the concept sounds, he insists he isn’t making too much money, just enough to make ends meet. I say, just give it some time and it’s bound to catch on.

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