Sunday, May 13, 2012

Partido Abe Kapampangan

Angeles City officials, led by Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan, multi-sectoral representatives and ordinary citizens gathered at Mar’s Garden Restaurant for the founding assembly of Partido Abe Kapampangan to ratify its constitution and by-laws, pass resolutions and elect its officers.

A new political party, with an all-Kapampangan membership, was formally launched here Wednesday in a bid to broaden grassroots participation in local politics and policy-making. 

Pamintuan told that the local party was created to advance the interests of Kapampangans here and abroad.

"Thank you for your enthusiastic reaction to my speech during Wednesday’s (May 8) “youth convergence” on legislation and policy-making that was organized by the Angeles City Youth Bureau. I am happy that you actively engaged me during the discussions.

With regard to the concerns you have raised on the implementation of two ordinances (City Ordinance # 129 – “Time restriction on minors and Gender And Development Code- Prohibiting the selling of cigarettes and liquor to children”), one of which I authored during my incumbency as city councilor, I have immediately requested the appropriate implementing agencies for a meeting to review and plug the gaps in the implementation of these ordinances.

I will report to you, through probably a circular from the Angeles City Youth Bureau, on the results of the review.

In my speech, I have mentioned to you about the Partido Abe Kapampangan as a venue for the youth to directly and actively participate not only in policy making but in choosing the officials that will implement these policies. Partido Abe Kapampangan is a local political party organized on March 28, 2012 to champion the interest of the Kapampangans, (particularly Angeles City) and the well-being of even the non-Kapampangans living in the city.

Unlike other political parties, Partido Abe Kapampangan has as its members not only politicians but ordinary people coming from across all sectors of society. Mayor Ed Pamintuan was elected as chairman during its founding assembly. Vice Mayor Vicky Vega is vice-chair, while I was elected party president.

While many youth leaders, mainly representing the fraternities, were among the founding members of the Party, we are aiming to draw more young people, from 15 years old up, to join the Party and become an “Abe” or comrade. The Partido Abe Kapampangan, hopefully through its young members, hopes to introduce and institutionalize a new kind of politics in Angeles City anchored on participative democracy.

As of the second half of May, we have already organized close to 100 chapters, with some 3,000 individual members. At the rate we are going, we may have more chapters and party members than many national political parties. Each of our members shall have their identification cards, and shall participate in theoretical and leadership trainings through our Party Academy, aside from the basic Party Orientation we give them before they are accepted as members.

Aside from actively participating in local and national elections, including the nomination of candidates for these elections, the Partido Abe Kapampangan will also engage in continuing advocacy campaigns on issues that affect not only the Angelenos but all Filipinos at large.

I urge you to join the party, and lead in organizing youth chapters in your communities and schools. Your membership and engagement in the various activities and processes relative to politics and governance will provide you the training, skills and proper insight and actual participation in legislation and policy making, the issue that we have tackled in the recent “youth convergence.”

I and the other officers of the Partido Abe Kapampangan are available to discuss with you further and assist you in the formation of chapters and the development and implementation of chapter plans and programs.

For more information and assitance, you can contact me at 0918-803-9042, or our secretariat headed by Danilo de Austria Consumido, our secretary general, at 0916-2652659 and William Aguilar, deputy secretary general, at 0917-8192227.

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