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The Disney Land for Men

Angeles City is a medium sized city located on a plain about a two to three hour drive North of the Capital City Manila. For the most part this city has very little to boast about in the way of land marks or historical value unless you count in the former Clark AB once run by the United States Air Force. But if you make your way to the area just outside of the old air base you will find a hustling, bustling hive of drunkenness and debauchery!

Most of the decadent activity is located along the areas of Perimeter Road and Fields Avenue. These two roads are lined with numerous gentlemens clubs, karaoke lounges, pubs and discos. On these streets a person of either sex and in some cases of either sexual orientation can find gratification. The beer flows like water. Prices for a beer can range as cheap as 50 cents to $1.50. I don't know about ya'll but there are not too many places you can go to in the U.S. and get a beer that cheap while watching beautiful women dance in seductive outfits.

Gentlemens Clubs
There are a great number to choose from of varying quality and style. Most of them have their Guest Relations Officers (GRO) or Tour Guides(TG) wear similar outfits while they are dancing on the stage. Most of the outfits are somewhat revealing without being outright trashy. Back in the days when the GI's were present most of the girls just wore swim suits.

When you go to one of these places a girl will have a seat with you and within a few minutes of conversation will ask for a ladies drink. Most of the ladies drinks usually run from 2-3 dollars. They are either soft drinks or juice and the girl usually gets half of the price as take home pay.

If the girl likes you and you like her then it is fairly easy to come to an agreement as to how much it will cost to pay the bar to get her to leave work early for the night. Technically it is considered prostitution but this is a way for the bar to recoup any loss that might be incurred as a result of the lady no longer dancing for the customers. Most Bar Fines run from $16 to $25 dollars a night.

Many of these girls are here because they have no other way of getting money for their families. Good paying jobs are a scarcity in this country and I have met a handful of girls who were college educated. Many times we hear the laments of Non Governmental Organizations NGO's that many of the girls were forced into prostitution here. That could not be further from the truth. Yes, there are a handful that have some pretty horrific stories about how they ended up working in Sin City but they are the exception and not the rule.

My last visit a year ago I found that the Tahitian Queen was my favorite. There are others called Cleopatra's, Lollipops, Private Dancer and La Bamba. I would say at last count their were about 30 of these bars scattered about. If you decide that you really like one of the girls and absolutely most take her out for the evening, wear a condom!!!

Not a whole lot of these in the town yet but there are a great deal of British and Australian tourists here and one of their favorite hangouts and mine is Woody's. This is where a lot of the guys just hang out and pass the time without having to worry about GRO's bugging them for a ladies drink or date. The food here is good and the atmosphere is relaxing.

There are a couple of decent discos in the area but my favorite two are Sky Trax and Music Box. Sky Trax is located right on Fields Avenue and had a tail of the space shuttle in the front as it's sign. During the week it is not incredibly busy but on the weekends this place gets jam packed with the locals looking to unwind after a hard week of work. It is basically a sausage fest in here so if you are looking to meet women this is not the place.

If you want to have a good time with your lady or meet a lady who is not necessarily working in a club then this is the place to go. Quite a bit roomier and with a touch more class this is my favorite of the discos. It is located off of Fields Avenue. Just ask anyone around and they can point you in the right direction.

Karaoke Lounges
There are a few of these located along perimeter road. Not really frequented by the western tourists, these cater more to the locals and visiting Asian businessmen. I have not been to any of these in Angeles but I hear they are pretty classy and judging from their exteriors I would have to agree in most cases.

Most of the places to eat in this town are outstanding. My favorites are Kokomo's and Margarita Station both located on Fields Avenue. They have dishes that range from American to Philippine to Thai. There are also the old standby's like Mcdonalds if you miss the taste of home.

Real Tourism
Aside from the bar scene there are still a few things you can do for entertainment here. I personally use Angeles City as a jumping off point to visit other parts of the Philippines such as 100 islands, San Antonio, Baguio, Olongapo etc. I will go to a small town called Dau just North of Angeles City and catch a bus to whatever part of the Philippines I want to go to at the terminal here.

If you are not into traveling around the countryside and want to stick in the Angeles city area then you can go onto the old airbase and play at one of what they say are FIVE world class golf courses. There is "duty free" shopping for everyone in a number of places on the old base and some sights you can see. There are planes, ultralights, and skydiving that can be done on the base as well.

There are many things to do for all kinds of people here but if you are married this is one place you may want to skip if you cherish your vows! Now, at this point, some of you are probably asking why a married guy like me comes here. I have got a good excuse, I have a house and family there. Oh ya, the wet T-shirt contests. The ones that I have seen should be re-named the wet naked wriggling body contests. There is a hotel called Swagmans that has a fairly famous one each year where men from around the world come to see but there are many other smaller ones that are held throughout the year.

If you would like to get an idea of what this place is all about then I would suggest you go to the following websites:


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