Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wondering how this Fields got its name?

I've been wondering how this Fields got its name. It must have been Clark "Field's" since it is adjacent to the southern buffer park from the highway leading to the former military installation.

However, I fancy that it might have been aptly named after W. C. Fields, indeed a very funny and uncanny American comedian of old (1880-1946).

The Pinatubo aftermath and the night club diaspora from Manila under Lim has made it international, putting it back to life after the Americans, with hotels and restaurants mushrooming here and there. So now we get Euros, Swiss Francs, Pound Sterlings, Yens, Wons, etc., making everything quite sky-high expensive (from tricycle rides to housing). On the positive side we get international cuisine and alcohol. I just love dem dar expensive Austrian Schnapps, German weissbier, French wine and Irish Guiness.

This Fields Street (Avenue is an overstatement) does seem to make Angeles City quiet "angel-less", as have been pronounced by American servicemen. The "notoriety" lives on with the new clientele and hosts.

If one can't be a monk here, one's gotta wear protection, considering that its literally a one-way street. Welcome and be of the Best of Health!


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