Saturday, December 22, 2012

Village official hits Pamintuan camp

A village official here has assailed the camp of Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan for questioning the credibility of barangay leaders in connection with the job order employees issue.

“Napakababa ng tingin nila sa aming mga barangay official,” said Barangay Lourdes Northwest kagawad and Councilmen’s League of Angeles City (CLAC) Vice President for External Affairs William David.

The Pamintuan administration has included the relatives of several barangay officials in the list of job order employees without their knowledge, according to David.

“Tinatawag nila kaming sinungaling at kinekwestiyon ang aming kredibilidad,” David said, “Ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng ‘kredibilidad’ para sa kanila? Yun lang bang mayayaman na tulad nila ang mayroong kredibilidad o ang mga mahihirap na tapat na nagseserbisyo sa publiko?”

Earlier, David, along with several other barangay officials, aired their complaints regarding the inclusion of their relatives in the payroll of the Pamintuan administration’s job order employees, even when their relatives had no knowledge about it and have never received any salary from the City Government.

Pamintuan’s camp has previously denied such allegations and claimed that the documents containing the job order appointments, in which the names of the barangay officials’ relatives are listed, may have been forged.

“Nagbabanta pa sila sa radyo na idedemanda kaming mga kagawad,” David said, “Ang hamon ko sa kanila, kung talagang totoo ang sinasabi nila at kami ang nagsisinungaling, bakit hindi pa sila magdemanda ng tuluyan. Hindi na nila kailangang ulit-ulitin sa radyo ang pagbabanta nila.”

David challenged the Pamintuan camp to explain how all 40 names of the job order employees under the Philhealth Program of the Office of the Mayor ended up being names of relatives and friends of barangay officials, none of whom knew about their inclusion in the job order appointments.

“Kung isang pangalan lang yun, pwede pang sabihin na kapangalan lang ng asawa o kapatid ng kagawad,” said David, “Pero kung lahat ng pangalan sa listahan ay kamag-anak ng kagawad na hindi naman alam na nakalista pala sila bilang JO, siguro naman hindi na natin masasabing nagkataon lang ito.”

“Mali ba na magkomento at ilaban ng mga kagawad ang kanilang Karapatan ngayong ginagamit sa katiwalian ang pangalan namin at ng aming mga kamag-anak?” David said.

Earlier, Barangay Cutcut kagawad and CLAC Vice President Roy Ogurida and Barangay Salapungan Kagawad Renato Coronel also released a statement denying any knowledge about the inclusion of the names of their sister and wife, respectively, in the list of job order employees.

by; Reynaldo Navales

Friday, November 9, 2012

EdPam sees ‘close fight;’ Tarzan says ‘no contest’

Mayor Edgardo “EdPam” Pamintuan noted recently that the fight for the mayoralty post here will be “close” and “will not be a walk in the park” as he takes on the challenge posed by first district Representative Carmelo “Tarzan” Lazatin.

Pamintuan, who is seeking reelection, and Lazatin, who has shifted his sights from the congressional bid to the mayoralty seat he once occupied, have been in tangles recently, exchanging brickbats and hurling accusations at each other even before the filing of certificates of candidacy, and have reached the point of a call for a public debate.

During the recent “Kapihan with EdPam” at a coffee shop in Balibago, the incumbent mayor told media: “It will be a close fight in 2013. I’m sure 45 days before election time ay bakbakan na. That is, kung aabot siya [Lazatin]. It will not be a walk in the park though. I know that.”

“Tatalunin ko siya. Napasubo siya sa akin. He knows and AngeleƱos know that everything I promised, I delivered,” said Pamintuan.

However, Lazatin’s chief aide, IC Calaguas, shrugged off Pamintuan’s statements.
She said: “To us, it remains ‘no contest’ at all. The accomplishments of Representative Lazatin will speak for themselves kahit sinasabi ng kabilang kampo na hindi siya umiikot. That’s precisely the reason. Sila ang dapat umikot because our record proves that in the recent congressional race, we got 80,000 votes from Angeles City alone, considering the city has an estimated 150,000 voters. And our supporters are still there.”

“No contest,” Calaguas told Sun.Star Pampanga on Tuesday.

On the challenge for a public debate, Pamintuan said, “A debate is fine with me but I will not be the one to initiate it. At this point, I continue to work and as much as possible, leave politics behind. But because of the many accusations the Lazatin camp is throwing against me, I had to go on air [at dwRW 95.1 FM’s Talakayan recently] to clear them because there is no truth whatsoever to the opposing camps’ allegations.”
“Wala akong ginawang masama sa kanya. But Tarzan is Tarzan and Edpam is Edpam. I do not lie,” Pamintuan said.

But Calaguas said Lazatin is ready for a debate “anytime, anywhere.”
“The congressman is ready. Basta clear ang topics and the ground rules and regulations are laid down. Of course, Rep. Lazatin would want to tackle the corruption and bankruptcy issues the most. Para ma-settle na rin nila lahat and to prove who’s really lying and who’s not,” Calaguas said.

by; Jovi De Leon

Monday, July 9, 2012

Cong. Lazatin welcome the possibility of having lawyer Bryan Nepomuceno to run as councilor

First District Representative Carmelo Lazatin welcome the possibility of having lawyer Bryan Nepomuceno to run as councilor in Lazatin’s team in 2013.

Irish Calaguas, Lazatin's senior adviser for political affairs, quoted the lawmaker as saying that he will not be including a vice mayor in his lineup and will not be supporting any congressional representative for the district in the 2013 elections.

“Congressman [Lazatin] has already decided to run and there is no changing that decision,” Calaguas said, adding that they have not talked to any other politician regarding Lazatin’s political line up.

Lazatin’s camp is also optimistic of the usual support from their grassroots supporters in Angeles City come 2013.

“We are not supporting anybody and Congressman [Lazatin] is set to run for mayor without any vice mayor except for three councilors under his team,” Calaguas said, adding that the politicians to run under the said positions are yet to be identified by their camp.

First District Representative Carmelo Lazatin said he will not be endorsing a vice mayor and a congressman when he campaigns for the city mayor in next year elections.

Lazatin said his lineup is only set for only three councilor’s seats with his team welcoming the possibility of having Lawyer Bryan Matthew Nepomuceno as among his councilors in the 2013 race.

However, Calaguas said they welcome the possibility of having lawyer Bryan Nepomuceno to run as councilor in Lazatin’s team in 2013.

Nepomuceno is the son of former city councilor and League of Barangays president Robin Lumanlan Nepomuceno and Cutcut village chief Cecilia Nepomuceno.

Calaguas was quick to reiterate that Lazatin will not be supporting any congressional candidate in 2013.
Rumors of Lazatin's plans spread early last week while Pamintuan was in the United States facilitating donations for the city's health programs through World Medical Relief Inc. that Lazatin will run for mayor of this city in 2013.

Both Pamintuan and his supporters in Angeles City were surprised by the lawmaker's move.
“He is my ally and I will campaign for him and like what everybody in my city knows. I was never what he pictured me. I am a loyal friend and ally,” Pamintuan said.

Lazatin’s camp said the sudden pronouncement came after the alleged withdrawal of support of Pamintuan to the lawmaker’s previous re-election bid.

Calaguas earlier said Pamintuan is reportedly supporting Vice Governor Joseller Guiao, who recently aired his congressional bid in the said district.

“We don’t want to be ‘double-crossed’ again,” Calaguas said.

Pamintuan, for his part, was surprised by the move of Lazatin.

"Never in my mind, as my past political history would bare me out, never will I leave my friends and ally in any political contest," Pamintuan told Sun.Star Pampanga.

Pamintuan said he will remain a friend and supporter of Congressman Lazatin.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Partido Abe Kapampangan

Angeles City officials, led by Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan, multi-sectoral representatives and ordinary citizens gathered at Mar’s Garden Restaurant for the founding assembly of Partido Abe Kapampangan to ratify its constitution and by-laws, pass resolutions and elect its officers.

A new political party, with an all-Kapampangan membership, was formally launched here Wednesday in a bid to broaden grassroots participation in local politics and policy-making. 

Pamintuan told that the local party was created to advance the interests of Kapampangans here and abroad.

"Thank you for your enthusiastic reaction to my speech during Wednesday’s (May 8) “youth convergence” on legislation and policy-making that was organized by the Angeles City Youth Bureau. I am happy that you actively engaged me during the discussions.

With regard to the concerns you have raised on the implementation of two ordinances (City Ordinance # 129 – “Time restriction on minors and Gender And Development Code- Prohibiting the selling of cigarettes and liquor to children”), one of which I authored during my incumbency as city councilor, I have immediately requested the appropriate implementing agencies for a meeting to review and plug the gaps in the implementation of these ordinances.

I will report to you, through probably a circular from the Angeles City Youth Bureau, on the results of the review.

In my speech, I have mentioned to you about the Partido Abe Kapampangan as a venue for the youth to directly and actively participate not only in policy making but in choosing the officials that will implement these policies. Partido Abe Kapampangan is a local political party organized on March 28, 2012 to champion the interest of the Kapampangans, (particularly Angeles City) and the well-being of even the non-Kapampangans living in the city.

Unlike other political parties, Partido Abe Kapampangan has as its members not only politicians but ordinary people coming from across all sectors of society. Mayor Ed Pamintuan was elected as chairman during its founding assembly. Vice Mayor Vicky Vega is vice-chair, while I was elected party president.

While many youth leaders, mainly representing the fraternities, were among the founding members of the Party, we are aiming to draw more young people, from 15 years old up, to join the Party and become an “Abe” or comrade. The Partido Abe Kapampangan, hopefully through its young members, hopes to introduce and institutionalize a new kind of politics in Angeles City anchored on participative democracy.

As of the second half of May, we have already organized close to 100 chapters, with some 3,000 individual members. At the rate we are going, we may have more chapters and party members than many national political parties. Each of our members shall have their identification cards, and shall participate in theoretical and leadership trainings through our Party Academy, aside from the basic Party Orientation we give them before they are accepted as members.

Aside from actively participating in local and national elections, including the nomination of candidates for these elections, the Partido Abe Kapampangan will also engage in continuing advocacy campaigns on issues that affect not only the Angelenos but all Filipinos at large.

I urge you to join the party, and lead in organizing youth chapters in your communities and schools. Your membership and engagement in the various activities and processes relative to politics and governance will provide you the training, skills and proper insight and actual participation in legislation and policy making, the issue that we have tackled in the recent “youth convergence.”

I and the other officers of the Partido Abe Kapampangan are available to discuss with you further and assist you in the formation of chapters and the development and implementation of chapter plans and programs.

For more information and assitance, you can contact me at 0918-803-9042, or our secretariat headed by Danilo de Austria Consumido, our secretary general, at 0916-2652659 and William Aguilar, deputy secretary general, at 0917-8192227.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sex at Disco, Bars and Massage Parlor

There is not a lot to offer, but that doesnt matter, cause I'm confident the Show Places and GoGo's will keep you busy.

1. Disco's for Sex with Hookers :

Sky Trax disco on Friday and Sat nights popular. Modest entrance fee = your first drink free. Mix of regular girls ,some with boyfriend , and hookers. Be careful , do not hit on some Filipino guys girl friend. Location : Walking along left hand side of Fields Ave , towards Perimeter Rd (and eg Clarkton Hotel) , you start to leave behind the big show places , and bars become scattered. Before Margarita Station , you'll find Sky Trax , on same side. Its about a 3/5 min walk from big show place Atlantis. Ask any hooker standing outside any bar , if your not sure. Everyone knows it.

I've often been going to enter Sky Trax but never have. Reports of mostly regular girls and significant number in the company of filipino males , does not inspire me. Hookers are there too. Maybe difficult for a newbie to discern between one and the other. Filipino guys do not like foreigners approaching their sister/niece or girlfriend. Cause Sky Trax is right in the middle of prostitute joints. Big problem if filipino guy thinks you have approached his companion/s as a prostitute. Take care.

Doubt if I will ever check the joint out. Very old guys like me have trouble scoring at young disco joints , plus we dont like the loud music : )

2. A. Santos Street (Blow Row) for Blow Jobs :

This street is noted for its Blow Job Bars. Maybe 3/5 or so low cost bars close to each other , nowadays. A small number of girls in each place , say 5/7 girls , some less. P700/800 , 1/2 hrs (flexible) , BJ and full sex. Average looking girls , no beauty queens working in A Santos St. You can sex them in your Hotel , if you like , 2hrs P700/800. LT/All night , hotel , is possible too , enquire with mama-san , think its only P1200 all night. Suggest at night time you do not proceed beyond the bars in A. Santos St. Can get a bit dicey down there at night. Be wary of transvestites patrolling this street too. They are inclined to scam you , given the chance : )

Location (of Blow Row) : Exiting Kokomo's on the corner of Fields; A.Santos Sts , turn left into A.Santos St (Blow Row). BJ Bars located say 40mtrs down on right hand side. Names : Black Pearl , Gobblers , Heaven.

Street Hookers : Some plying their trade in this street too. They will offer a discount price , to undercut bar/s. discount price Be wary of these 'unknowns' (street hookers) ... theft / STD's always a possibility. Never take an underage looking one , you could be set up for a P100,000 Police bribe. Beware of transvestite/lady boy types too , they are interested in robbing foreigners.

3. Sex Massage with Young providers :

Following info might be outdated by now. Massage is not an interest of mine. Angeles is not a place for massage sex.

Pal of mine advises me there is one called "Underwater Karaoke & Massage Parlour" in Fields Avenue, P300 for one and a half hours (no sex). Don't expect anything like Thailand though : ) Others I have heard about : Palace Massage in Don Juico Avenue , and You & I Massage on First Avenue. There is another one called Roman Massage for P1000-1500 (includes sex). Do not expect much of a massage scene in Angeles (or anywhere else in Phils for that matter). Go to Thailand for that : ) Ask Trike Drivers to take you to Massage joints , they will know all of them , and unfortunately inflate the price , cause MP might have to give them a commission.

4. Margarita Station and Kokomo's for Hooker pick ups :

Update (Margarita's) : Forget this place for Freelancers. Extremely limited potential.

"This place is known to be a Freelance (FL) hooker spot and a place where you can meet other 'practitioners' (whoremongers) , including those resident in Angeles. However the Freelancers who hang around playing pool etc in this place are usually older than the Go-Go/Show girls. And from personal observation there are not many of them.

Kokomo's Restaurant has some FL's , mostly walking past on Fields Avenue. At Koko's you can sit at a 15 metre long strip bar overlooking Fields drinking beer and "psst psst" one that you fancy. Note : Unfortunately not all the pretty girls passing by are hookers : )

If you see a nice one , smile , if she smiles back , continue smiling and wave her in. You never know your luck. A hooker will come in instantly , non hooker will think about it. You might have to get up off your arse and go talk to her , if she is a good girl , and smiling at you. Pass your cellphone number and see what happens further on down the track : )

All of this is Copyright info belonging to

5. Freelancer Hookers for hot sex ? :

I am now talking about the ones who roam up and down the streets :

Note , it is not advisable to take these girls nowadays. Some are working scams in cahoots with the Police which will cost you a lot of money to get out of. Not worth the risk of being locked up in a prison for soliciting an under age girl , whatever. If the girl is bad and in cahoots with Police , they will come up with any story necessary to extract money from you , eg rape/attempted rape. Rare , but possible.

Curious , like playing with fire ? ..... The FL's I am talking about are located in ..... Raymond Street ; Real Street ; and Fields Ave. The least of your problems with these girls ... STD's and the likelihood of theft from your room increases when you are dealing with these ladies. One of FL's pluses - budget rates , viz no bar fines or Ladies Drinks : ST (Short Time) P300/500/700. Lowest price pretty ugly : ) (pretty terrible girl : ) .LT (Long Time) : 500/700/1000. Normally they are not attractive , and can be older etc. Budget sex at its best/worst , provided you don't catch something (STD , or worse , HIV) and your valuables are not left lying around in your room. And in some cases eg P300 , you might have to throw a blanket over her face : ) Note - The one of your choice might not be allowed into your Hotel if 1. They have no ID 2. They are known to be 'trouble'.

Be wary of scams usually involving underage freelance girls , as indicated in info before. Stick with the bars/show places. Avoid unusually looking young girls ex the street/s and don't let any in your room , if they come knocking. It could be a set up. Whilst they are outside your room all is well. Although nothing is certain , girl and police might claim she was inside your room , nude etc. Telling lies is one of the filipinos fortes. Also being sexy too : )

6. Filipino (guys) places :

Be wary of entering Filipino/pinoy (male) populated night spots. At places where the local boys have the numbers on their side, and are drunk you could be at risk. Leave them to themselves, as they normally do us. They do not willingly encroach on our relatively expensive sex venues , so best not to enroach on their cheapy venues. Do not be freaked out about this , just be aware of it. Also its mostly a waste of time entering the small number of Korean style bars. Management instructs the girls to concentrate on the big spending koreans.

Other Info :

Vitamin .V. ... Viagra , Cialis etc. I dont use the stuff , following info second hand :

Some say ones bought on street (P200 box of 4 tabs ?) can be duds. If that is the case , that means they could be a danger to your health.

If I was buying the stuff I would purchase from legit Pharmacies , eg Mansons supposedly sells without prescription. Some will sell without script , some not. Try a few till ya get the right one. Most probably pay a little more , but hey , your playing with your heart/health w' street stuff. Might be full of the vendors saliva for all you know : )

Fields Avenue, GoGo Bars/Show Places = Sexy Young Ladies

Evening bars (Perimeter bars , mentioned down below for early afternoon/evening bars).

This (Fields Ave) is where prices can be a little higher , and you have a better chance of finding 'lookers'. A lot of them open till the early hours of the morning (3/4 am) , later than Thailand for example. A small number are open 24/7. I can not imagine a Looker working early hours of morning , hungry not so popular girls will work those hours , but no need for a Looker. Suggest if your hunting for Lookers , dont arrive too early or too late. Lets say 8pm to 10pm would be good time for full choice. Exceptions always prevail. I know a place where Lookers start work 4/6pm and go home (barfine or not) 12 midnight : )

Average Prices - Your Drink P80/100 normally (can be less at some places , happy hours etc) ; Ladies Drink P150 and up (can be less or more at some places , eg P250 or even more at the big bars/show places). Make sure girl is ordering a "single" drink and not a 'double' (= double price ... San Mig Light beer is considered a double , at some places : ) ; Bar Fine .. Field Avenue area : Nowadays its P1500/1800 bar fine on average. Some places P2000/2500. Never going down : ) Small number of bars/show places exceed this , especially if one of their special girls (Spotlight girl) is involved. Spotlight girl can command P3000 , or more , bar fine. The Bar Fine is an all inclusive cost for the girl. Girl gets half of the bar fine when she returns to the bar next day. Show places usually cost more than non show places. They've got a hundred or more girls to pay , hence higher overheads = higher prices. Plus , they are more likely to employ Lookers (subjective : )

Even though the barfine is an all inclusive price, and the girls get half of it , the girls appreciate a tip the next morning of course. But only if she made a sincere effort to make you happy , otherwise no tip .. its not obligatory , its always "up to you" and based on whether you had a good night with the girl or not. P200 or P3/500 tip is customary. She keeps all of the tip. Dont forget she also gets around one third from the ladies drinks you bought for her. Do not tip starfish/robots , but you wont find many of them anyway , especially when your dealing with the naturally sexy Phil girls : ) If the girl is not showing much interest during 'Ladies Drink' interview do not bar fine , cause she will most likely turn out unsatisfactory and maybe even do a runner (leave your room) after only one pop. Nothing much you can do about that , and of course the girl knows it. However , if no sex , then you can return to her place of employment and ask for full refund.

Angeles has a significant number of Cherry Girls/Virgins on stage. Make sure your not pumping a lot of Ladies Drinks into a youngun who has no intention of being barfined , or if barfined is going to tell you back at the room she is a virgin. Confirm before paying barfine that the girl is not a cherry/virgin. Drunk as you may be , do not force the issue in the room , with cherry girls. The odd foreigner is spending many years in jail following a complaint of rape. Yes hookers who complain of rape have just as good a chance of winning the court case as any other girl. It's highly unlikely a Phil (or Thai for that matter) girl will lose a rape case.

Usual precautions with the girls, as explained in Thai notes and Manila notes. Note - Philippine girls, escorts and hookers, do not insist on condoms. Consequently STD's are rife in Angeles and elsewhere. Use condoms , so you can ride again another day. I am no Doctor , but guys tell me 2000 mg of Zithromax, in one hit , will do the trick. I would take it after a meal. Check : ....... for professional advice. On return home from trip get Doctor to conduct test , to ensure nothing unpleasant is swimming around inside of you. Make sure your not allergic to anitibiotics before taking same. Readily available at any Angeles Pharmacy without prescription. Not necessarily so in other cities , where you might need a prescription (doubtful). Google it for directions , side effects etc. Better .... just use condoms.

Popular Places - If you asked five guys to list the top five bars , each list would most probably be different from the other. New places pop up and knock out the established top ones for a while and then might even disappear. Established popular ones might have a change of Management, and business dives. It's a plus for the Philippines. No two trips of yours will be the same. Girls move on , disappear within a 6/12months time frame , normally. Replaced by fresh talent. Always exceptions , especially with the fugly ones (who have got nowhere to go) ... "Oh its you again" says the fugly as you step in the door : )

Personally, I think currently , the following are good value big show places , not in any order, and all in Fields Ave , convenient to my recommended accommodation:
  • 1. Dollhouse, popular , but drinks service might be slow;
  • 2. Golden Nile , 2nd floor (USA) .. Blue Nile Executive Club , 3rd floor .. Golden Nile Bar;
  • 3. Forbidden City.
  • 4. Crystal Palace There are a number of others too. Plus a hundred or more gogo bars (Fields and Perimeter Rds combined). 
Popularity changes , just pop your head inside a show place/bar, and if you like what you see , enter have one drink , exit if not for you, onto the next interesting place. Big places ( employing 100 or more girls) sometimes have bigger prices , especially the Show Bars (four listed above) where the girls put on a titillating show of sorts. You will know a show bar when you poke your head in the door. Anyway , one drink will not break you.

If you want to barfine a Spotlight girl at a Show Place, they will most probably cost double the normal bar fine that is, P3000 or more, to take away from the bar. Even if she promises long time LT, she might do a runner, and head back to the bar to see if she can secure another P3000 bar fine. As she climbs off you she says "It's Show Time", and out the door she goes : ) Word has it, these girls make enough out of their higher salary and ladies drinks commissions, that they are fussy with who they go with. And they expect a tip , P300/500 should suffice. Back at show place, and before paying bar fine , watch for attitude, some of them think they should be pandered and treated like a movie star : ) Tell waitress which girl on stage you are interested in, ask if she is Spotlight, or not ... she will laser beam her, girl comes off stage, order a P150 Ladies Drink to test run her (beware of other drinks P300/P450). If the vibes/karma is not there , thank her for her time, and try again with another. If she is not nice to you inside the bar/show place, she will be less nice outside it (your hotel) , you can be sure of that. Most of them are a girl friendly experience though.

YOU decide if she is special/spotlight. Waitresses in the same places are sometimes bar fineable , eg Forbidden City. It's always a possibility you can meet any of the girls next day and shag her before she starts work for P1000 all up, no need for tip on top of that. Your cellphone number is handy in this regard. Preferably do not let mama -san see you slip your phone number to girl of your choice. And do not let a mama-san or waitress decide who is going to be your companion. Chances are person recommending (waitress/mamasan) gets a commission from girl she recommended. Or is a close friend, relation, whatever.

Remember, the negatives I have just described are the exception, not the norm. Once you are aware of the negatives you can relax and enjoy the hot pussy and girl friend experience (not Thailand, Philippines, yes), these sexy young girls and hookers can offer you.

Friday, March 23, 2012

female Barcelona protester lies naked on plate of food

Animal rights activists in Spain hit on a novel way to get people to digest the idea of turning their back on meat consumption.
Judging from the reaction they got in the centre of Barcelona, it would seem they certainly gave onlookers food for thought.
Unveiling a giant plate of human flesh in the middle of a busy marketplace, Spanish pressure group AnimaNaturalis served up their latest animal cruelty campaign on a platter.

Braving the elements and chilly temperatures, an activist stripped off to lie naked on a plate - accompanied by various side dishes and simulated blood - to raise awareness among the city's meat-eaters.

She was joined by fellow protesters who held up a banner denouncing the consumption of meat.
The innovative piece of political performance art was accompanied with a banner which read: 'How much cruelty can you swallow?'
The protest is thought to be the first of its kind in Spain and will also take place in Valencia and Palma de Mallorca.

Aida Gaston, director of the Spanish pressure group AnimaNaturalis, said: '[The performance] begins our campaign to sensitise people not to eat meat.

'Every year we do a Christmas campaign because it assumes that people are more sensitive and think about the animals.'
Campaign co-ordinator Alba Mangado added: 'The cruelty is only one species does not understand, does not discriminate between human animals and non-human animals.
'Today, the consumption of meat is a habit that can be disposed of perfectly.'
According to figures released by AnimaNaturalis, the meat industry results in the death of 50 billion animals killed for food each year - and many of these days occur at Christmas.
The international organisation, which was founded in 2003 and has a presence in Spain and Latin American countries, says it is dedicated to 'establish, disseminate and protect' the rights of animals.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Where to have fun in Angeles City?

Good question very easy to answer .. look at the map - then click on the map to see the full size of Fields Avenue - that is the street where fun is at home ... think logic - later you may be tired - hence instead of starting right out the door of our hotel - go to one end of fields Avenue and start house by house on one side - and when you reach the end of Fields Avenue switch sides and return on the other side.

Before you start to enjoy fun - of course you need a place to put your bag, suitcase or whatever ... and later while having fun you need the very same place again to enjoy fun and refuel your energy for even more fun next day ... Hotel Swiss Chalet is your choice - because Hotel Swiss Chalet is in the heart of Ageles city Fun - just steps away from Fields Avenue and all colorful fun places ... fun smiles, fun here in the Philippines has legs - sexy legs and smiling eyes ... unless you are OLD and just waiting for your funeral to arrive - may be you first think to START to live and start to have fun and enjoy love life in Angeles.

Some places open around 10 AM and many close at 02 AM to 04 AM - others however have 24 hrs open. hence fun never starts nor ends - fun is when you have it and enjoy it - any time any place in Angeles city.

Most likely you never reach the end of Fields avenue but end up in the arms of a sweet Asian beauty ... i remember my VERY first visit in a bar - in another country in Asia and thus another city ... and I was VERY young - many decades ago.
the VERY first girl I met in the very first bar i married weeks later...

Beware of girls making you lose your head and heart ... sweetness of Asian girls may be more powerful than a bottle of Rum to a pirate. But while a bottle of Rum may last only a few minutes or hours for a real pirate - a fun girl may last eternally or at least an entire life time on earth.

Be prepared for your fun tour in the Philippines - read some or better all the secrets of love to keep your one heart in one peace strong enough to have fun all life.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Naked maids in South Africa

The 1-month-old company was founded by Jean-Paul Reid, who couldn’t find a decent job as an accountant. Their website is quite interesting, with pictures of the ‘Gorgeous Staff’ and ‘Tempting Services’ that include semi-naked and naked cleaners, lawyers, accountants, computer geeks and handy men. They even let clients customize their own nude service where they can provide their own entertainment request for an hour. The only thing the company does not condone is prostitution, which is a point stressed by Reid. The aim of Natural Cleaning Co. is purely to provide entertainment, he says.

Maids who buff in the buff and plumbers who strip off more than just the grime in your pipes -- these are the services on offer at a new South African company.Natural Cleaning Co., which bills itself as "the world's only all-naked service company," was founded a month ago by Jean-Paul Reid after he struggled to find work as an accountant in a country with a 23.9 percent unemployment rate.

The company offers housekeeping, accounting, legal, computing and other services, with a twist -- staff show up either topless or fully nude, depending on the client's request.

"Cleaning is the popular one, and then handyman services for the ladies," Reid, 29, told AFP.

He said he currently gets about one client per day, typically white middle-aged men.

His employees, who are featured in various work for him part-time and have day jobs ranging from model to personal trainer to law student to accountant.

The service is "purely entertainment", Reid stressed, saying: "We don't offer prostitution or anything like that."

The company's website,, features a svelte shirtless man thrusting a vacuum across a rug, a slender young woman ironing in nothing but socks, a nude chef with a tastefully placed salad bowl, and a host of other naked services available in the country's four largest cities.

Prices range from 175 rand ($23, 17 euros) per hour for "semi-naked services" to 450 rand for professionals like lawyers, accountants and plumbers.

Hiring people to strip at a bachelor’s party has been a long-standing and extremely popular tradition. That’s why this South-African company wants to take it one step, or rather several steps further. Natural Cleaning Co. is “the world’s only all-naked service company.” With a description like that, I’m pretty darn sure they’re never going out of business.

For now, he says he gets about one customer a day, mostly middle-aged white men. The more popular services are cleaning for the men, and handy men services for the ladies. Reid’s employees are mostly part-time; he takes about 20% of the fee and lets them keep the rest. As innovative as the concept sounds, he insists he isn’t making too much money, just enough to make ends meet. I say, just give it some time and it’s bound to catch on.

Friday, February 24, 2012

DMIA renamed CIA

Clark International Airport Corp. president and chief executive officer Victor Jose Luciano said the renaming of DMIA was ordered by MalacaƱang and approved by the CIAC board.

Amid the impending renovation of Diosdado Macapagal International Airport, the facility will be renamed “Clark International Airport.”

Luciano said the DMIA will now be called Diosdado Macapagal Passenger Terminal. He said the CIAC loaned P1 billion from the Land of the Philippines to upgrade the entire facility.

Luciano signed the loan agreement yesterday and brushed off speculations that the renaming was politically motivated and ordered by President Benigno Aquino.

“The Chief Executive did not order the renaming of the airport back to its original name. The CIAC board decided on it because Clark is a practical name and is known internationally,” Luciano said.

In 2003, the CIAC board passed a resolution naming the Clark airport as DMIA in honor of the late father of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Luciano said the name was actually referred only to the terminal and not to the entire aviation complex.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Php 12 B for CIAC

In line with its plan to build a budget terminal, CIAC is also mulling over a city air terminal in Metro Manila to transport passengers with scheduled flights at the DMIA. This project will also be spearheaded by the DOTC and could be included among the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Programs of the administration.

A feasibility study will be done by a third party before the project is auctioned off sometime this year.

But as a necessary pre-requisite, Clark needs a high-speed train to the mainland, possibly in the central business district of Makati City so commuters will have a direct access going to the DMIA.

The CIAC used to be under the supervision of the Office of the President.

A P12-billion budget terminal will rise on a 40-hectare area at the Clark Freeport in Pampanga that can handle about 10 million passengers a year. If all goes well, it will start operating in 2015.

The feasibility study on it will be finished by the end of next month or early April, at the latest, according to a top official of the Clark International Airport Corp. (CIAC).

The study will then be turned over to the Department of Transportation and Communications transportation department.

The Asia Foundation was tapped to conduct the study, at no cost to the government, said Luciano.

This new terminal will be linked to the existing passenger terminal. “The terminal itself will cost only P4 billion. But the civil works, new software system, and equipment are going to be expensive. We need a huge area where the airplanes will be parked. The pavement is going to be expensive,” Luciano said.

He said the need was for a new passenger terminal for budget carriers flocking to Clark. “Our existing terminal is not going to handle the rising number of passengers. It is being expanded, yes. But it may not handle future traffic,” Luciano said.

The volume of passengers within the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) is expected to jump to 1 million this year from 765,000 last year. “Budget airlines are coming in and adding more planes. That’s where the growth will come from,” said Luciano. He added that the DMIA handled 600,000 passengers in 2010.

The DMIA in Clark, Pampanga, is being considered to replace the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia). There are three Naia terminals, all of which are expected to reach and exceed their designed capacity soon.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tutuban mall soon to rise in Mabiga

Mayor Marino Morales said the project is part of the P500-million stimulus package that will provide development of major public infrastructure in the town.

The 168 retail store, which is popular in Tutuban, Manila, will rise in Barangay Mabiga.

The retail store is expected to attract vendors from Central Luzon and Northern Luzon and will make Mabalacat town as the center of commercial activities in Pampanga, the mayor said.

He also bared plans to build a new bus terminal near the modern 168 building to allow consumers easy access to transportation.

Projects included in the P500-million loan package that will be sourced from the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) or the Land Bank of the Philippines are the three-storey 168 retail stores building, new Mabalacat Bus Terminal, five-storey Mabalacat Public Market, Triple A slaughterhouse, additional classrooms for public learning institutions, and lighting and beautification of the town.

Morales said the local government and the private and business sectors are supportive of the projects that will transform Mabalacat into a key economic player in Pampanga and in the entire country.

The town of Mabalacat, which is eyeing cityhood by 2013, covers Clark Freeport and the Clark International Airport.

“Only Mabalacat has an international airport, a Freeport, and it is linked to the modern SCTEx,” said Morales.

Morales said the 168 retail stores will be located in a 2,000-hectare area of Barangay Mabiga that is directly linked to the SCTEx and the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX).

“We are putting the new Mabalacat Bus Terminal in Barangay Mabiga to complement the development in the area,” said Morales.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rhian Ramos and Mo Twister Kissing Video

Rhian Ramos - Mo Twister Kissing Video

As of this time, several copies of the said video with title "Rhian Ramos and Mo Twister Scandal" are available on Youtube but most of them are either removed by user itself or blocked by YouTube for violating its policy on hate speech.

The Rhian Ramos - Mo Twister kissing video scandal is fast getting blockbuster on social networking sites. But unlike Mo's bestfriend Hayden Kho vs several girls and Hong Kong's Edison Chen vs several girls video scandals where their partners were unaware that they're being videotaped, Rhian knows exactly that all her deeds - kissing, teasing and playing on top of Mo Twister - is being recorded. And, holah! she even looked at the video recorder several times.

So, who's the source of this video this time? Note that Mo mentioned that it was Rhian's laptop that they're using for recording. But we cannot also discount the possibility that Mo got hold of a duplicate of this video and probably shared it with.

Monday, January 9, 2012

17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

The Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is always a magnet for foreign pilots who fly in from around the region. We had a couple of Cessna Citation Mustangs from Thailand, two piper Malibu turbo-props from Japan and Thailand and Cessnas, Pipers , Cirrus, Eclipse and Diamond Aircraft from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Sabah.

On the ground, we had a great line up of static aircraft, a section of our showground devoted to flying schools, a section for the military to display a wide range of hardware and numerous groups of hobbyists.
The Balloon Fiesta hopes to fuel the passion of flying to both the young and the old to help move the aviation industry forward. It also hopes to create jobs and business opportiunities to the country by promoting Tourism. The Fiesta hopes to instill discipline to the participating young pilots so that they maybe safe aviators for the country as well as impart the spirit of volunteerism to everyone to help his community and be a man for others thru aviation.

•15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

•16th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ramgen Revilla Janelle Manahan Sex Video Scandal Download

The video of Ramgen Revilla and Janelle Manahan is now a hot search, someone uploaded these personal belongings of Ramgen, it’s a hot search in major search engine looking for the images and videos of Ramgen Revilla and Janelle Manahan video scandal.

Tons of images are being distributed on the net, the videos downloadable in different websites and blogs.

The family of Janelle has already filed charges, anti-voyeurism against the one who uploaded the video on the net.


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