Monday, November 14, 2016

Foreign Couple Invited Girls From A Red-Light District To Their Wedding

Foreign couple Randall and Melissa spent three nights along the streets of a red-light district to invite strangers to their wedding. They held the very intimate ceremony at an unrestored building in Angeles City—an old church where Melissa lived in for a year.

Indeed, their wedding may be very different from the usual, but it is— without a doubt—beautiful, and it has touched the hearts of many people.

This 7-minute video by Filterpan Photography on love and faith will move you to tears.
“Before we were engaged, we talked about what our wedding would be like, and I asked her, ‘Melissa, if you could do anything for your wedding, what would you do? Who would you want to be there?‘, and she said, ‘If I could do anything…then I would have my Filipino girls be there— the girls I’ve helped rescue.”

Randall and Melissa are both full of God's love that they chose the most selfless way to celebrate the most important day of their lives. Because they were first loved by God, they chose to give love back to the people who never had it. This is the message of the cross. This is God's love through Jesus portrayed. Love that takes all the sins of the world. Love that restores. Love that chose to die on the cross so we may live.

"We love because He first loved us."- 1john4:19

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