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Do's and Don'ts using a Condom

To prevent HIV and STDs, condoms must be used each and every time. But they must be used correctly as well. Here are the do's and don'ts of proper condom use.


* Use only latex or polyurethane condoms.
* Store condoms appropriately. Keep condoms in a cool, dry place.
* Apply the condom on the erect penis before any sexual contact.
* Squeeze any area from the tip of the condom to minimize the possibility of leakage.
* Use a generous amount of water based lubricant to reduce friction and minimize the risk of the condom breaking.
* Pull out immediately after ejaculation, holding the condom in place to prevent it from slipping off and leaking semen.
* Dispose of the condom immediately after use.


* Never store condoms in hot places such as your wallet or car.
* Never use out of date condoms. Older condoms can be weak and break easily.
* Never unroll the condom before putting it on the penis.
* Never use oil-based lubricants such as Vaseline. They weaken condoms, increasing the risk of the condom breaking.
* never use your teeth or scissors to open a condom wrapper. This increasing the risk of cutting or tearing the condom.
* Never reuse a condom.
* Never allow the penis to go flaccid before pulling out. This can result in leakage or semen.

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One round or More round of Sex Bout

I think, the best answer for this is: It depends on the couple on how they celebrate their sexual urges.

However, if you’ll ask me what’s better for me, then I will say that it’s better to have one but long round than having more but short rounds.

What’s the difference between long rounds and short rounds?

Well. In long rounds, say for example one hour round, the woman here will be enjoying much compared to the shorter rounds.

How would the woman enjoy this long and tiring round?
Okay… Sex is really tiring, whatever length of the activity. It just happens that in a long sex, both of the partners will enjoy exploring each body before engaging intercourse which is considered as the finale.

Let’s not forget that male can ejaculate easily in just a short period of time, and the ejaculation marks the end of the sexual activity. While female can hardly reach orgasm.

In other words, male must consider that truth. He should do some ceremonies first to give time to the female partner to prepare herself, enjoy the pleasure of your touch, caress and kisses, and letting her reach the peak of the pleasure which everybody calls “Orgasm”.

If say for example, you did your sex activity in an hour, to enjoy it, you will consume the 50 minutes on touches, caresses, kisses, even oral sex, and then the remaining 10 minutes will be for the real intercourse.

BF and GF, Enjoy Sex?

I want to remind you that sex has been given by God to the married couple only. If you’ll read the Bible about sex, you’ll learn that sex is not for non-married couple. Sex outside the marriage is considered sin and immoral.
And I want to tell you also that most of the non-married couple do not enjoy sex, because they’re psychologically disturbed. Below is the list of factors which can disturb the sexual activity of non-married couple.

  1. Afraid that what they did will result to unwanted pregnancy.
  2. Worries on what will the male do after it.
  3. Worries on what his family do to them if she’ll get pregnant.
  4. Worries on what will their neighbors think if they’ll know what they’re doing.
  5. Worries… worries… worries…
That’s the reason why most of the non-married females who engaged sex with their bfs became slimmer or thinner and experienced difficulty to sleep (So, I am giving you hint on how to identify those girls who engage sex with their bfs).
So, now if you really want to enjoy sex, then you must marry first.

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Pinay Teen Sex

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Do’s and Don’ts in Fields Avenue

DO – Come prepared to have a good time.

DON’T – Think that the Philippines is nothing but a place full of bars and women that will have sex with you at the drop of a dime. The majority of females (including bargirls) in this country are extremely devout Roman Catholics, thus are extremely conservative. Approach the wrong one in the wrong way and you will either have your hands full, or feel like an extreme asshole.

DON’T – With the above in mind, absolutely DO NOT put down Catholicism. Filipino’s are extremely tolerant of many things, but you will lose A LOT of face to them if you insult God or the Catholic Church. I made the mistake ONE TIME of sharing my lack of belief in organized religion and it turned into a 3 hour-long debate with my ex’s uncle. Personally, I could have thought of more constructive things to do with my 3 hours.

DO – Use common sense when walking around. The Philippines is a relatively safe place, especially compared to the U.S. Let me put it to you like this though, would you go down an unfamiliar street in the dark if you were back home? Probably not, so why would you here? The majority of “problems” that you hear about involve a person being in a situation that could have been totally avoided. How many tourists or expats do you hear about being robbed on Fields Ave. or P. Burgos St? Virtually none compared to them take a little adventure that went astray……

DO – Leave the “freelancers” and “pick-up” girls on the streets alone, DO NOT pick them up. Yeah, maybe some could be looking to just get a little extra money, but think about it…if they are “working” for money, WHY aren’t they in a bar?! Underage? STD/VD? Bakla?! All of these could render some serious consequences for you, why try to save the tiny bit of money compared to getting a much safer girl. Be aware that Police in Makati will pickup underage girls and then transplant them on P.Burgos. As soon as she gets a customer, an undercover radio’s another guy that is waiting down the street and THEN YOU ARE FUCKED! I have seen it right before my eyes, trust me Police in Fields Ave in Angeles City have been known to plant underage girls and then bust into your hotel room, catching you “red-handed”. Both of these result in a lot of hassle, a lot of embrrassment and a lot of money.

DO – Always leave a tip for waiters/waitresses, ALWAYS. It absolutely kills me that some foreigners DO

NOT. The only time that I will fail to leave a tip is if the service is absolutely horrid. Think about this, that waitress that brought you food makes P200 ($4) a day!! Even your 20-peso tip will put a smile on her face and she will remember you, thus paving the way to better service in the future.

DON’T – Entertain a vendor unless you are really interested. BELIEVE ME ON THIS. you show the slightest sign of interest and you will be pestered for the rest of your trip. You acknowledge them with more then a “No” or a “no thank you” and they WILL follow you. you have been warned…

DO – If you have a favorite bar, tip the bartender. I do this regularly and my drinks come almost immediately, always in the bigger glasses and never lean on the alcohol. I walk in, they know me by name and my drink is on its way before my ass even touches the chair.

DO – Buy the mamasan a drink if she is being nice to you. I have quite a few here on Burgos that ALWAYS make sure I have exactly what I want and strike up a conversation with me (a REAL one). If the girls see the mamasan has respect for you and likes you (not like that, pervert!) they tend to be more relaxed because “mommy knows best” and you are obviously a “nice guy”. If you live here or are a regular here/plan to stay awhile, your reputation is EVERYTHING.

DON’T – Carry a conversation with a Filipino-male that is “extremely-nice” that you just met on the street. The majority of them want to sell you something, offer a “service”; basically it will revolve around them trying to get money from you. Just walk past them. This isn’t to say ALL are like that, but if you are reading this then you are obviously a newbie, so why take the chance??

DON’T – Think that your shit doesn’t stink. ALOT of us foreigners go to exchange our money into pesos and get a fat stack back. Some then feel that since they have all this money that they can do whatever the hell they want to. Again, your reputation is very important and asshole guys that act like they own the country get NO RESPECT from anyone. Sure, they will take your money and offer you service, but they also talk behind your back when they are away from you.

DO – If you barfine, tip. PERIOD. In Angeles City the girl gets 1/2 the barfine and guys feel inclined NOT to tip them. In Makati and Sabang Beach, the girl gets NONE or VERY LITTLE of the barfine and the tip is pretty much all that she gets. It seems to revolve mostly around European guys. Case in point: Sabang Beach. Many European’s go there and barfine. When the girl is done with her service they don’t tip, which obviously makes the girl rather upset. Now, because of you, some of the Sabang Beach mamasan’s are asking for the Barfine plus the Tip before you take the girl out.

DO – Tip appropriately. Tip too much and you are taken advantage of, tip too little and you are a cheap bastard. P500 in Angeles, P2000-P2500 in Makati, P2000 in EDSA and P1000 in Sabang. You CAN tip more and it’s always good to clarify with the girl before you take her just to make sure. Yes, it turns it into more of a “business deal”, however if you are starting to think money, then you do not like this girl enough to the point where the potentially extra P1000 doesn’t bother you..

DON’T – Listen to every foreigner that you meet. There is a decent amount of people out here that are flat out off their rocker. These days I prefer meeting and talking with Filipino’s in Makati more then a foreigner. Keep people at arms length until you get to see how they really are.

DO – Always be nice, always try to have a smile, and always keep a cool head. Remember that you are not in your country and the concept of “rapid service” flat out DOES NOT exist here. People move slower, lifestyle is slower. Don’t expect things to be the same here as they are in the States. I would refer you back to the tip hint above. Typically after I leave a tip, I will get a regular waitress that will serve me every time

DO – Go to the “Bar-lingo” area to learn a few words. It pays heavily, and the more you learn the language the better your experience will be. On top of that you can create many a good opening lines if you catch the girl talking in Tagalog to her friend saying that you are cute and you respond, “Thanks!” She will be surprised and giggle and it will pave the way to a good time. Be forewarned though, you go overboard with the Tagalog and they will try to talk to you exclusively in Tagalog. So when they ask, “Oh! You know to speak Tagalog”, you better make damn sure that you clarify that you know only a little!

DON’T – Be pressured to get a girl from the mamasan. It’s her job to introduce you to girls. Some guys like this, most DO NOT. Typically I will tell them that I am “window shopping” and they seem to appreciate this because it’s amusing and they know that you are at least looking. Try it, it works.

DO – Always clarify BEFORE you barfine that the girl IS NOT a cherry girl and that she doesn’t have her menstruation. If you find yourself in a bar and it seems that almost every girl there is a cherry girl (or claiming to be), then it should be a hint to you that it’s time to take your ball and go home (read: to another bar). It’s obvious that you are NOT well received here, so you might want to think about what you did wrong.

DON’T – Carry your passport or a large amount of money with you. It’s plain foolish. I know that technically you are required to carry your passport, JUST MAKE A COPY! Remember: you lose that and you are SCREWED. Also, take only the amount of money that you think you will need, leave the rest in the hotel, including your ATM Card. Remember: you lose any of these and your vacation is DONE! Some people are speculative of the hotel safe typically in the room. Personally I put my money in an random pocket in the clothes that I have packed.

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The traditional term for taking a girl out of the bar is “Barfine”. Recently the alternative phrase of “E.W.R. (Early Work Release) has been used because “barfine” was viewed as being synonymous with sex or prostitution. Bear in mind that prostitution in the Philippines IS illegal!

So what is the point?! you maybe asking yourself (and me). It’s like this: When you pay the EWR/Barfine to the bar, you are essentially paying a FINE to the BAR to compensate for the profits that they would lose for that employee leaving with you. To most people, this means that you would take the girl out, possibly go barhopping and the night would end with sex. Again, prostitution IS illegal in the Philippines, so when she leaves the bar, sex is technically NOT part of the agreement between you and the bar. It’s important to remember that because not all dates end up as the customer would like and often times he will try to get a refund because sex didn’t take place. Again, THAT aspect is between you and the girl so don’t even bother trying to include the bar UNLESS she broke a condition of your date that you previously agreed upon. Your only real chance of getting a refund is if the girl pulls (what we refer to) a “runner”. This means that basically you are out barhopping somewhere and your date asks you to hold on then NEVER returns.

Now, let’s say that you and her have sex after you barfine her. That is considered an event that takes place between two consenting adults and is outside the realm of the bars control. Sounds pretty lucrative, doesn’t it? It’s the law though and people have to follow it and these technicalities.

OK, so let’s be honest with ourselves here and state that you are interested in only barfining a girl that will have sex with you on your date (Hell, that’s the whole point back home anyways, right!). Well, that is something that you need to discuss with her BEFORE you pay the barfine. There are many variables that take place though and you, the customer, would be wise to be clear on all of them. View it as sort of an interview process so that you make sure that your date ends up the way both you and her would like.
First and foremost, we have the phenomenon known as Cherry Girls. These are virgin girls that work at the bar. They are typically easy to spot after your first couple of nights of barhopping. Usually they are interested in only going barhopping with you and/or getting you to buy them ladies drinks. They are the shyer girls you see in the bar and/or they can be door girls. These girls are typically very sweet natured and have not been hardened by the bar scenes yet. However, you should bear in mind that the likeliness of your “date” ending up in the sack with you is next to nill.

Cherry Girls aside, you also have the issue of the girl being on her period, having a boyfriend, being sick (as in cold), having to go to church in the morning, hygiene check the next day etc, etc, etc. Look; simply ask the girl or tell her exactly what you are looking for if you choose to barfine her. Again though, this is between two consenting adults so don’t bother asking the bar to get involved. Sometimes it IS beneficial to tell the Mamasan of the bar what type of date you are looking for and she can point in the right direction as to which one of her employees would make a good date for you.

Now that we have gotten the technical aspect of barfining out of the way, we will move forward on what to do. Hopefully you followed my little advice above and established what you would like to do with her since she went out with you. I typically like to go barhopping with my date and get to know her a little better as well as scope out the scenes in the other bars. Trust me when I say that the girls like going barhopping, and 99% of the time are more then willing to go around with you if ask. If you are hungry, ask her to join you for dinner. Take her to a movie, a disco, the mall; really anywhere you would go on a normal date with a girl. Sometimes these girls are referred to as a G.R.O. (Guest Relation Officer) and technically their job is to show you (the guest) around and have a good time.

At the end of your date (be it that afternoon/evening or the next morning) it is customary to tip her. Now, the art of tipping is HIGHLY debated by certain people but you should bear in mind the local scene that you are in (Angeles City, EDSA, Makati, Sabang) when taking this into consideration. For instance, tipping a girl in Angeles City 500 Pesos for spending time with you is considered a good tip. Giving the same amount in Makati to a girl will get your ass kicked. Remember, you are tipping her for her time showing you around and NOT for sex (prostitution IS illegal remember!), so your tip should really reflect that. If your date ended up exactly as you wanted it to, don’t be stingy.

I find that the easiest thing to do when tipping is to not just hand over the money like a chump and say, Here. Regardless of the outcome, I view it as demeaning to the profession that she chooses and a slap in the face to her. Instead, give her a little hug, slip it into her back pocket and say Thank you. If she has no back pockets, ask where her purse is really quick and slip it in there (be somewhat obvious about it though).

List of Hotels in Angeles City

Pacific Breeze Hotel

Pacific Breeze Hotel is another new on the scene in Angeles City. The management and Swimming pool make this one of the most favored places to stay. Price to value one of the best bets in Angeles City.
Amenities include, 24 hour restaurant, 24 hour room service, broadband internet, mini bar, Jacuzzi rooms.
ABC Hotel

Angeles Beach Club Hotel

ABC Hotel's 53 rooms and suites, new on the scene in Angeles. Located on Don Juico Ave (perimeter rd) opposite and west of checkpoint, not too far form the action and night-life.
Amenities include, restaurant with local and international dishes, swimming pool with real sand and palm trees, Spa / Massage clinic, comfortable lobby featuring plush furnishings, 24 hour Internet cafe, free for all registered guests, mini-mart convienience store, and an in-house travel agency.
The Master Penthouse has a 50 square meter living room, while the Junior Penthouse is 25 square meters. Each has a large, flat screen TV. Both Penthouses have a sleeping room of 40 square meters with a super king size bed measuring 2.5 x 2.5 meters. The bathrooms are 20 square meters large with Jacuzzi, sauna, and steam bath. All rooms have King sized beds.
Wild Orchid Resort

Wild Orchid Resort

Wild Orchid Resort   53 rooms. Opened mid 2005. Located near the corner of A. Santos & Johnny Street. Almost in the heart of the entertainment district.
Amenities include, 24 hour restaurant, 24 hour room service, Internet (LAN) in all rooms, wireless internet available thoughout the pool and restaurant area, out-door pool with swim-up bar and 2 jacuzzi, in house travel agency.
Dollhouse Hotel & Cafe

Dollhouse Hotel & Cafe

Dollhouse Hotel is another new on the scene in Angeles City. Located on Fields Ave. directly opposite the bar bearing the same name.
Amenities include, 24 hour restaurant, 24 hour room service, broadband internet, mini bar iwth coffee maker, daily newspaper, Roof top pool and jacuzzi.
Holiday Inn Clark Field

Holiday Inn Clark Field

By far the largest hotel in the Angeles City area. Holiday Inn Clark is just 5 minutes drive from the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport. The hotel offers 303 superior and deluxe rooms and one-bedroom suites and 34 two-bedroom garden villas.
Amenities include, tennis court, children’s day care center with baby sitting, swimming pool, full spa and a gymnasium and features two restaurants, a bar lounge and 24-hour room service. Just two minutes drive is the Mimosa Golf and Country Club, a 36-holes championship golf course.
It's location within the Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) is miles away from the entertainment district. Taxi service available 24/7 to the bar area. Guests are welcome to join you in your room at no additional charge.
Cold Drop Inn Angeles City

Cold Drop Inn

Cold Drop Inn is located at 280-282 Friendship Hwy. They have lodging, food, and entertainment all in one location. Currently have 8 rooms available. With more being added.
Amenities incude, CATV with DVD, Broadband WiFi access. All rooms boast a King Sized bed. Restaurant, resonably priced food and drinks. Long and short term stays are welcomed.

Charinas Travel - Angeles City

Charina's Angeles City Travel
Charina's Travel is a full-service travel agent offering the very best in air, hotel, car, tour, corporate travel, honeymoon vacations and immigration assistance. Charina's Travel in Angeles City is accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT) of the Philippines.

Angeles City, Pamapanga, Philippines Bars and Entertainment

Barangay Balibago, also known as the Entertainment District. Full of bars of all types. will list them for informational purposes. We will not comment on them, other than location, size and maybe affiliation with other bars in Angeles City. Also we will coment on those personally visited, however the coments shall be from a neutral standpoint, allowing you to draw your own conclusions. (everyone has their own likes and dislikes) Listing will be in no particular order at this time.
Treasure Island Bar

Treasure Island Bar

Treasure Island, a Go-Go bar that has been a favorite of tourists and locals since its inception. What Treasure Island lacks in size, it makes up for many times over in personality and sheer party excitement. Located at the heart of Field Ave. Balibago, Angeles City, Philippines.
Lollipop Go Go Bar

Lollipop Bar

Lollipop is one of Angeles City's most popular party spots! Located in the heart of the world famous Balibago entertainment district, Lollipop has everything you need for FUN! Sexy dancers, friendly waitresses, great music and drinks, plus plenty of cool air conditioning. Located near corners A. Santos & Fields Ave. Balibago, Angeles City.
Geckos Go Go Bar

Geckos Bar

The Angeles Bar scene is hot and Gecko's Bar is one of the most popular bars on Fields Avenue, Balibago. Gecko's has a reputation as a casual & relaxing place to drink & party. They always have a good selection of sexy young Filipina Go-Go Dancers, who are extremely friendly & always ready to party with you. Over the years, Gecko's has become a popular Angeles Bar to hang out in, meet & socialize. The music is a cross of Rock & Roll with a great mix of 70's & 80's hits. A great place, with wall-to-wall Filipina Bar Girls, excitement & entertainment
Roadies Bar Relaxing Fun

Roadie's Bar

Located on Perimeter Road - Don Jucio Ave. near the Friendship Gate. It's one of Angeles City's newest establishments. It will rate as a small bar by size, very good decor, with a customer friendly layout. As it's new I think it might be worth a try. Open hours 2pm - 12 midnight?
Lost In Asia Go Baby Go Bar

Lost In Asia

Located on Perimeter Road - Don Jucio Ave. near the Friendship Gate. Very near and just east of the Clarkton Hotel. A Friendly bar with a good lineup. Open from 2pm - 12 Midnight. It's a small bar in size, big in performance.

Angeles City

Angeles City Pampanga, Philippines - Clark Special Economic Zone

Angeles City, Philippines. Located in the central Luzon province of Pampanga. About 80 km North of Manila. Population nearing 300,000. Angeles City is divided into 33 barangays (political subdivisions). The Barangay of Balibago, also known as the Entertainment district, the area most who have visited, will know as Angeles City.

Angeles City, Pamapanga, Philippines Transportation

Transportation to Angeles City, Pamapanga. Most travelers will arrive at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila on their visit to the Philippines. Taxi's are available to transport travelers to their destination. Excercise Caution when hiring a taxi for transport to Angeles City. Negotiate the fare with the driver in advance. DO NOT hire a taxi if there is a "friend" of the driver that wishes to go along for the ride. Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA)is located at the site of the former USAF Clark Air Base in Angeles City. Current carriers using DMIA for international travel. AirAsia, Asian Spirit, Asiana Airlines,Hong Kong Airlines, South East Asian Airlines, Tair Airways and Tiger Airways. Non international flights offered by Cebu Pacific .

The Hotels in Angeles City also, will arrange for transportation. Request your transportation at the time of making reservations. The hotels will have a car and driver on staff, or will hire one of the private transportation drivers. Hotel arranged drivers are usually very reliable and safe.

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