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Fields Avenue, GoGo Bars/Show Places = Sexy Young Ladies

Evening bars (Perimeter bars , mentioned down below for early afternoon/evening bars).

This (Fields Ave) is where prices can be a little higher , and you have a better chance of finding 'lookers'. A lot of them open till the early hours of the morning (3/4 am) , later than Thailand for example. A small number are open 24/7. I can not imagine a Looker working early hours of morning , hungry not so popular girls will work those hours , but no need for a Looker. Suggest if your hunting for Lookers , dont arrive too early or too late. Lets say 8pm to 10pm would be good time for full choice. Exceptions always prevail. I know a place where Lookers start work 4/6pm and go home (barfine or not) 12 midnight : )

Average Prices - Your Drink P80/100 normally (can be less at some places , happy hours etc) ; Ladies Drink P150 and up (can be less or more at some places , eg P250 or even more at the big bars/show places). Make sure girl is ordering a "single" drink and not a 'double' (= double price ... San Mig Light beer is considered a double , at some places : ) ; Bar Fine .. Field Avenue area : Nowadays its P1500/1800 bar fine on average. Some places P2000/2500. Never going down : ) Small number of bars/show places exceed this , especially if one of their special girls (Spotlight girl) is involved. Spotlight girl can command P3000 , or more , bar fine. The Bar Fine is an all inclusive cost for the girl. Girl gets half of the bar fine when she returns to the bar next day. Show places usually cost more than non show places. They've got a hundred or more girls to pay , hence higher overheads = higher prices. Plus , they are more likely to employ Lookers (subjective : )

Even though the barfine is an all inclusive price, and the girls get half of it , the girls appreciate a tip the next morning of course. But only if she made a sincere effort to make you happy , otherwise no tip .. its not obligatory , its always "up to you" and based on whether you had a good night with the girl or not. P200 or P3/500 tip is customary. She keeps all of the tip. Dont forget she also gets around one third from the ladies drinks you bought for her. Do not tip starfish/robots , but you wont find many of them anyway , especially when your dealing with the naturally sexy Phil girls : ) If the girl is not showing much interest during 'Ladies Drink' interview do not bar fine , cause she will most likely turn out unsatisfactory and maybe even do a runner (leave your room) after only one pop. Nothing much you can do about that , and of course the girl knows it. However , if no sex , then you can return to her place of employment and ask for full refund.

Angeles has a significant number of Cherry Girls/Virgins on stage. Make sure your not pumping a lot of Ladies Drinks into a youngun who has no intention of being barfined , or if barfined is going to tell you back at the room she is a virgin. Confirm before paying barfine that the girl is not a cherry/virgin. Drunk as you may be , do not force the issue in the room , with cherry girls. The odd foreigner is spending many years in jail following a complaint of rape. Yes hookers who complain of rape have just as good a chance of winning the court case as any other girl. It's highly unlikely a Phil (or Thai for that matter) girl will lose a rape case.

Usual precautions with the girls, as explained in Thai notes and Manila notes. Note - Philippine girls, escorts and hookers, do not insist on condoms. Consequently STD's are rife in Angeles and elsewhere. Use condoms , so you can ride again another day. I am no Doctor , but guys tell me 2000 mg of Zithromax, in one hit , will do the trick. I would take it after a meal. Check : ....... for professional advice. On return home from trip get Doctor to conduct test , to ensure nothing unpleasant is swimming around inside of you. Make sure your not allergic to anitibiotics before taking same. Readily available at any Angeles Pharmacy without prescription. Not necessarily so in other cities , where you might need a prescription (doubtful). Google it for directions , side effects etc. Better .... just use condoms.

Popular Places - If you asked five guys to list the top five bars , each list would most probably be different from the other. New places pop up and knock out the established top ones for a while and then might even disappear. Established popular ones might have a change of Management, and business dives. It's a plus for the Philippines. No two trips of yours will be the same. Girls move on , disappear within a 6/12months time frame , normally. Replaced by fresh talent. Always exceptions , especially with the fugly ones (who have got nowhere to go) ... "Oh its you again" says the fugly as you step in the door : )

Personally, I think currently , the following are good value big show places , not in any order, and all in Fields Ave , convenient to my recommended accommodation:
  • 1. Dollhouse, popular , but drinks service might be slow;
  • 2. Golden Nile , 2nd floor (USA) .. Blue Nile Executive Club , 3rd floor .. Golden Nile Bar;
  • 3. Forbidden City.
  • 4. Crystal Palace There are a number of others too. Plus a hundred or more gogo bars (Fields and Perimeter Rds combined). 
Popularity changes , just pop your head inside a show place/bar, and if you like what you see , enter have one drink , exit if not for you, onto the next interesting place. Big places ( employing 100 or more girls) sometimes have bigger prices , especially the Show Bars (four listed above) where the girls put on a titillating show of sorts. You will know a show bar when you poke your head in the door. Anyway , one drink will not break you.

If you want to barfine a Spotlight girl at a Show Place, they will most probably cost double the normal bar fine that is, P3000 or more, to take away from the bar. Even if she promises long time LT, she might do a runner, and head back to the bar to see if she can secure another P3000 bar fine. As she climbs off you she says "It's Show Time", and out the door she goes : ) Word has it, these girls make enough out of their higher salary and ladies drinks commissions, that they are fussy with who they go with. And they expect a tip , P300/500 should suffice. Back at show place, and before paying bar fine , watch for attitude, some of them think they should be pandered and treated like a movie star : ) Tell waitress which girl on stage you are interested in, ask if she is Spotlight, or not ... she will laser beam her, girl comes off stage, order a P150 Ladies Drink to test run her (beware of other drinks P300/P450). If the vibes/karma is not there , thank her for her time, and try again with another. If she is not nice to you inside the bar/show place, she will be less nice outside it (your hotel) , you can be sure of that. Most of them are a girl friendly experience though.

YOU decide if she is special/spotlight. Waitresses in the same places are sometimes bar fineable , eg Forbidden City. It's always a possibility you can meet any of the girls next day and shag her before she starts work for P1000 all up, no need for tip on top of that. Your cellphone number is handy in this regard. Preferably do not let mama -san see you slip your phone number to girl of your choice. And do not let a mama-san or waitress decide who is going to be your companion. Chances are person recommending (waitress/mamasan) gets a commission from girl she recommended. Or is a close friend, relation, whatever.

Remember, the negatives I have just described are the exception, not the norm. Once you are aware of the negatives you can relax and enjoy the hot pussy and girl friend experience (not Thailand, Philippines, yes), these sexy young girls and hookers can offer you.


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