Friday, June 18, 2010

Pinay Teen Sex

Pinay Teen Sex Experiment On First Stage of Success

If you still remember, I was doing some experiments just to top the Google Search Engine when searching for the “Pinay Teen Sex“.

But I think, this position is not yet stable especially that I only started the experiment.

Doing this can be advantageous:

  • It can be considered as the war against online pornography on Pinay Teens (Filipino Teens).
  • It directs the traffic to this blog, instead of sending them directly to porno sites.
On the experiments I did on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the experiments on the following keywords or keyphrases can now be considered successful since they are already on their stable spot on the Google Search Result Pages.

  1. Pinay Teen Sex
  2. Pinay Scandal, Pinay Celebrity Scandal, Pinay Sex Scandal
  3. Pinay Sex Video 
 If I will succeed on the experiment for the “Pinay Teen Sex” then this will be the fouth.

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