Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One round or More round of Sex Bout

I think, the best answer for this is: It depends on the couple on how they celebrate their sexual urges.

However, if you’ll ask me what’s better for me, then I will say that it’s better to have one but long round than having more but short rounds.

What’s the difference between long rounds and short rounds?

Well. In long rounds, say for example one hour round, the woman here will be enjoying much compared to the shorter rounds.

How would the woman enjoy this long and tiring round?
Okay… Sex is really tiring, whatever length of the activity. It just happens that in a long sex, both of the partners will enjoy exploring each body before engaging intercourse which is considered as the finale.

Let’s not forget that male can ejaculate easily in just a short period of time, and the ejaculation marks the end of the sexual activity. While female can hardly reach orgasm.

In other words, male must consider that truth. He should do some ceremonies first to give time to the female partner to prepare herself, enjoy the pleasure of your touch, caress and kisses, and letting her reach the peak of the pleasure which everybody calls “Orgasm”.

If say for example, you did your sex activity in an hour, to enjoy it, you will consume the 50 minutes on touches, caresses, kisses, even oral sex, and then the remaining 10 minutes will be for the real intercourse.


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