Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BF and GF, Enjoy Sex?

I want to remind you that sex has been given by God to the married couple only. If you’ll read the Bible about sex, you’ll learn that sex is not for non-married couple. Sex outside the marriage is considered sin and immoral.
And I want to tell you also that most of the non-married couple do not enjoy sex, because they’re psychologically disturbed. Below is the list of factors which can disturb the sexual activity of non-married couple.

  1. Afraid that what they did will result to unwanted pregnancy.
  2. Worries on what will the male do after it.
  3. Worries on what his family do to them if she’ll get pregnant.
  4. Worries on what will their neighbors think if they’ll know what they’re doing.
  5. Worries… worries… worries…
That’s the reason why most of the non-married females who engaged sex with their bfs became slimmer or thinner and experienced difficulty to sleep (So, I am giving you hint on how to identify those girls who engage sex with their bfs).
So, now if you really want to enjoy sex, then you must marry first.


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