Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Petition to Close The Red Light District of Fields Ave.

To: People of the World

This is a petition calling for the closure of the brutal and vile red light district in Fields ave, Angeles. As a citizen of Angeles with a family, i am disgusted and sickened by the human trafficking of women and children by organized crime syndicated in fields ave.

Our government stands by and does nothing while women and children every day and night are trafficked by brutal gangs of Australians, Americans and other foreign gangs to the thousands of Pedophile tourists that flock to Fields ave every year.

Filipinas are subject to this constant degradation and humiliation of our women and children and our corrupt government does nothing. The only thing the Philippine Government does is attack and abuse the charities and welfare agencies that are trying to expose the crimes of fields ave.
The government talks no action against the foreigners involved in the trafficking or the pedophile customers.

Its time to say enough is enough!

We the Filipino people want an end to these dirty , vile and disgusting bars in Fields ave that form for the most brutal prostitution trade the world has ever seen.



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